Forensic Exam Locations

Confidential Exam Locations

The Victim Service Center operates two Confidential Forensic Exam locations, one in Orange County and one in Osceola County. In the event a sexual assault occurs and the victim chooses to have forensic DNA evidence collected, they will go to either the Sexual Assault Treatment Center (Orange County) or the Care Center (Osceola County). VSC is the only agency certified by the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence to provide sexual assault victims ages 12 and older with forensic examinations while supporting them through the healing process. VSC Forensic and Medical Services Program serves victims of sexual assault during the most traumatic time of their lives. Our SANEs and crisis counselors are passionate about giving each of our clients the validation, empowerment, and care they need to cope and overcome the trauma.

Our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE’s) will conduct any or all portions of the exam at the discretion of the victim within 120 hours of the sexual assault, free of charge. Forensics exams can be conducted regardless of whether or not the victim chooses to report to law enforcement. Along with the support of our SANEs, each victim has the guidance and support of a Master’s Level crisis counselor before, during, and after the examination. Our SANEs and crisis counselors are instrumental in providing each victim the support, empowerment, information, and tools essential to recovery and healing. VSC serves crime victims regardless of whether the individual chooses or abstains from reporting to law enforcement. Last year, VSC crisis counselors and SANE’s conducted 342 forensic exams in Orange and Osceola Counties.

Both the Sexual Assault Treatment Center (SATC)  and the Care Center are generously donated by Florida Hospital. The SATC has recently been updated and remodeled by our friends at BB&T. It is our goal to ensure each victim feel as comfortable and safe as possible in our facilities.

Forensic Examination (Rape Kit)

Our Forensic Exam Sites offer a private, confidential and calm environment. The forensic examinations are conducted by registered nurses who have successfully completed specialized training to conduct forensic exams following a sexual assault. These experts are well-equipped to offer and conduct a comprehensive medical forensic examination and provide medical forensic care to those who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. The forensic examination, often referred to as a Rape Kit, is comprised of medical forensic history, a detailed physical and emotional assessment, written/electronic and photographic documentation, and collection and management of forensic samples. VSC SANEs can also testify in any legal proceedings related to the examination and, in some cases, our SANEs are used as an expert witnesses. Through the Forensic/Medical Service program, our specialized nurses also ensure the proper chain-of-custody and the integrity of the samples are maintained so the evidence will be admissible in court.

If you have been a victim of a sexual assault: Your safety is the top priority. If you are in danger, immediately call 911. Your first instinct may be to take a shower and clean yourself. It is critical that you do not shower or bathe, brush your teeth, change your clothing, or wash your hands. If possible, do not go to the bathroom, eat, drink, or take medication unless it is necessary for your health. Your body and clothing may contain critical evidence if you choose to have a forensic examination.

 If you have been a victim of a sexual assault and would like to speak with a Victim Advocate, please call our free confidential Sexual Assault Hotline at (407) 500-HEAL.


Please note: The Victim Service Center provides significant protection of communications between a client and VSC staff. Clients are able to confide in VSC Victim Advocates, Therapists, and all VSC staff members, knowing that communication is confidential and will not be disclosed publicly unless they consent to such disclosure. For further information, please contact VSC directly.

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