For a Friend

Intervening to Help a Friend

  • If you see someone in danger of being assaulted, step in and offer assistance or create a diversion (ex. spill a drink, cut in on a dance, or interrupt the conversation) to make it easier for the prospective victim to walk away. NOTE: Before stepping in, make sure to evaluate the risk. If it means putting yourself in danger, call 911 instead.
  • There is evidence that the mere presence of bystanders reduces crime and that criminals try to avoid being observed while committing crimes. If you are witnessing an uncomfortable situation, don’t leave the room and keep your eyes indirectly on the interaction.
  • If you believe someone is dangerously intoxicated or has been drugged, do not leave them alone for any reason, get them immediate medical attention, and keep their beverage for drug testing.
  • If someone you know has been assaulted, listen, be there, encourage your friend to report the crime to law enforcement (call 911 in most areas), and let them know that professional help is available at this website or by calling us at 407-500-HEAL.
  • Become knowledgeable about the issue and share your knowledge with others. Let friends know what to look for in a potential offender and how to react if ever in a dangerous situation.

Click here to learn how you can #BeTheHero and safely intervene.

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